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buy custom Family in the East Asian Thought essay

buy custom Family in the East Asian Thought essay Throughout the history, the family has always been considered one of the eternal human values in East Asia. Some of the ancient family traditions have been preserved up to this day. However, it should be noted that the significance of the family has been raised to an entirely new level in China, in the times of Confucius. The spiritual core of his teaching, the Confucianism, is based on the eternal human values (Yao, 2000). Of course, all more or less significant spiritual teachings have always been associated with these values in one way or another. However, a pledge of eternity on the Confucianism was its ability to express these values in the most accessible, common, and unquestionable manner. In the light of the eternal values, it is possible to point out the imperceptible things such as the habitat or collective form of the human existence. For an ancient observer, it used to be presented in the form of a relatively small-scale state. The public life of such a state could acquir e either a common form, following the way of Tao as postulated by the Confucians, or other disrupt conventional forms. These violations could be so severe that they began to threaten the very foundations of the social life. In general, all the people were considered responsible for the presence or absence of Tao, but not on the equal terms. In this matter, a special responsibility was attributed to those who personified all the society and were invested with the supreme political power. The meaning of the allegations to him was limited to ensuring that ,within his power, he had to behave in the same way, as the head of the family acts at his home (Yao, 2000). Therefore, it is possible to say that, at the time, the family was considered a model for building a prosperous state. Therefore, the following paper is dedicated to the definition of the role and significance of the family in the East Asian thought, namely in the Confucianism. Once tuned to the Confucian way of thinking, one will immediately notice that, out of the two natural communities of the family and the state, the family is much more stable. As result, Confucius and his followers positioned the family model as the main support of the human community. In the established traditions of the ancient Chinese society, not all family relationships were considered equal. The primacy was given to Xiao (filial piety), which was not only defined by a family but also based on the religious foundation and the worship of the ancestors. Such textural relationships between a father and son meant more than a simple emotional link between them. They were rather the religious relations determined by the word Xi (service) (The Virtue of Familial Responsibility, 2014). In such a manner, in the Chinese society, the family life was directly incorporated into the religious cult and ritual system of relationships. Therefore, according to Confucius, the family (a natural community of people) was at a higher level of ethical development than the rest of the social environment. It was considered the center of the high ethical well-being, having a beneficial effect on its surroundings. Confucius believed that the family, consecrated by the cult of ancestors, gave every reason to consider it a sufficient ethical school required for the complete transformation of a human being into a noble person. It should be noted that Confucius developed his plans of transforming the human being, having in mind not just the person from the street, but those who had successfully mastered the system of the ethical relations. The philosopher Yu-Tzu, one of the disciples of Confucius, claimed that there were few people, who, being respectful to their parents and elder relatives, would be inclined to oppose their superiors (Yao, 2000). By analyzing the political reality of the contemporary world, Confucius concluded that depriving the political life of the empire-wide administrative and ideological control could lead to practicality, cynicism, and violence as the primary means of the public administration. On the contrary, the philosopher dreamed of the state, in which the politics would be based on the same ethical pprinciples as in the family, so the people could not abuse their power due to the assimilated high ethical principles. Therefore, the filial piety (Xiao) was one of the key elements included by Confucius in the set of the management tools, being regarded as a political tool of direct and important effect. In particular, he claimed that, in order to make people respectful, faithful, and diligent, the ruler must follow the norms of Xiao (The Virtue of Familial Responsibility, 2014). In addition to direct effects on the people, the deference of the highest level, provided by Xiao, was useful in establishing the stable political traditions. As a result, the state policy would not be shaken due to the forced regime change, being the antithesis to the European saying, The king is dead, long live the king. Moreover, Confucius and his followers, focusing on the ritual nature of the family relations, emphasized a situation, in which the successor had to withstand a three-year mourning period. It is important from the political point of view. According to Confucius, in mourning, a person does not feel the sweetness when tasting food, does not experience joy when listening to the music, and does not know the rest when staying in the house (Yao, 2000). This strange and rather inconvenient from the political point of view tradition takes its roots in the old Chinese family rule. According to it, it took three years after the birth of the child before it could be weaned fro m the mother and father. That is why the three-year mourning period, as a tribute to the parents, was a universal rule in China. The pairing of humanity with mourning for parents is one of the most characteristic features of the Chinese spiritual culture (Rosemont and Ames, 2009). Moreover, it has a fundamentally different root than the one, from which the European humanism has grown. However, it should be noted that, in the Eastern sense, mourning is not connected with the particular funeral formalities, but rather the state of mind. Therefore, such a ritual ensured the further development not only of a filial piety but also of the humanity in the people. Buy custom Family in the East Asian Thought essay

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Make a professional impression as an introvert

Make a professional impression as an introvert These days, simply showing up to work and doing a good job is unfortunately not enough to succeed in the work world. If you want to build a successful career, it’s important to create a personal brand that defines you professionally. Then, you have to sell yourself. It’s a lot, right? And the trouble is, if you think of yourself as an introvert, you really hate putting yourself out there like that. You’d rather hide your light under your bushel and stay under your comfy little rock and have it all happen for you. Never fear: it’s possible to set yourself up with a great brand without making yourself feel super awkward- even if you’re super introverted. Read on to find out how.Let social media work for you.It doesn’t take any human interaction to set yourself up with killer profiles on all the social media sites. Keep them fresh and up-to-date. Make them representative of your personal style. You can do all this from the comfort of your own co uch, in your pajamas. Then, you can try a few fancy tricks like signing up for Twitter chats or LinkedIn groups to join the most current conversations in your industry and get your name out there.Have a script.If you’re prone to clam up in social situations, have an elevator pitch ready to go that you feel confident and comfortable delivering wherever you need to. But beyond that, you can script more of your social interactions if it helps. Draft a standard greeting or opener that you can turn to whenever you feel awkward in an overwhelming room and practice it until it comes naturally. Maybe it’s just an interesting question you ask every new person you meet, or a succinct summary of your job title and main responsibilities for networking events. Memorizing an intro might feel forced, but at least you’ll have some conversation starters ready so you never feel at a loss for words.Choose your marks.Be strategic- make a game plan ahead of time for networking and o ther work events. How many people do you want to meet? How many contacts do you need to rack up? Then, be more specific about who exactly you want to meet and why. Setting targets for yourself ahead of time can turn the whole thing into a project with an end point. Once you hit your quota and meet your big fish? You can go home!Follow up and stay in touch.Touching base after you’ve met someone is the classy thing for everyone to do, and it’s easy because you don’t need to do it in person. If you felt you made a weird impression on someone, shoot them an email or a note to keep the door open. Many introverts feel at their most charming when behind the screen. Take the time to type out exactly what you wish you had said.Do it your way.If something feels totally uncomfortable, you can only force yourself out of your comfort zone a little bit. If you try to take giant leaps, or to completely go against your instincts, you’ll be miserable and everyone will be able to tell. Realistically, what are your social limits? Define them for yourself. Then, work within them at first. Once you gain a level of comfort at this first level, slowly branch out. Then do it again. Networking and self-promotion are skills you must nurture and grow- if it takes you longer than your extrovert peers, so be it. You’ll get there.

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The Importance of Health as You Age Research Paper

The Importance of Health as You Age - Research Paper Example Scot: anything that gets your body moving is technically a physical activity. The first thing one has to consider while aging is to keep moving. That means that you should not spend long hours sitting down. Scot’s response on the health of the elderly is similar to some of the studies. Adults (50+) spend an average of 10 hours daily either lying or sitting down. The consequences of their inactivity include heart diseases, obesity among others that lead to early death compared to the overall population. As one gets older, it is vital that he remains active if he wants to remain healthy and uphold his independence. Otherwise, everything you have always enjoyed practicing and taken for a ride will start becoming harder. They might struggle pursuing simple pleasures such as playing with their grandchildren, walking it to the mall, meeting up with friends and even leisure activities. Eating right is another of making your health better. As one ages, good nutrition plays a very vital role in how well you age. Eating low-fat, low-salt diet with lots of fruits, fiber and vegetables can diminish your age -related diseases including diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke and other chronic diseases (Martin, 89). Diversifying your diet with a variety of foods can easily help your body get the nutrients it needs. For instance, proteins that is required to rebuild and maintain muscles. One can acquire low fat, protein from fish, soy, low-fat meat, a limited amount of nuts and eggs. Carbohydrate that provides the body with energy is important. There are two major sources of dietary carbohydrates: complex carbohydrates that come from grains and vegetables and simple sugars such as lactose, sucrose and fructose. Unlike refined sugars, fruits have fiber and vitamins; dairy products have nutrients such as vitamin D and calcium, and complex carbohydrates have minerals, vitamins and fiber. One has to get most of the carbohydrate calories from

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Managing Resources Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Managing Resources - Essay Example However strategy exists in all organizations even though it may not be written down and articulated. It defines the organization’s behavior and how it tries to cope with its environment.† In this regard, the essay is written to address three-fold objectives, to wit: (1) to present an analysis of the case, Doman Synthetic Fibres plc (B); (2) to summarize two articles from academic and scholarly journals on the topic, managing resources; and (3) to link the case with the two articles on relevant and critical perspectives. As averred by Johnson, Scholes and Whittington (2008, 13-2), â€Å"resourcing strategies are concerned with the two-way relationship between overall business strategies and strategies in separate resource areas such as people, information, finance, and technology†. The case would hereby highlight options for managing resources in terms of deciding whether what to do with the present product, Britlene, whose patent is about to expire and with a new product, Crylon, with potentials to replace it. Doman Synthetic Fiber (DSF) was founded by Wilfred Doman in 1946 as a chemical/synthetic fiber manufacturing company. Its main product, Britlene, was used primarily in the manufacture of heavy-duty clothing and accounts for 95% of total sales in 2006. The patent protection for Britlene was about to expire in 2008. As a foresight, the research and development department of DSF designed a new product in 2005, Crylon, with the same properties as Britlene but with more heat-resistant capabilities. The current Managing Director, Wendy Doman, is faced with the dilemma of deciding whether what to do with the present product, Britlene, whose patent is about to expire and with a new product, Crylon, with potentials to replace it. In a working party meeting in 2007, several personnel of DSF presented alternative courses of action which the company could consider with regard to the Crylon case, to wit:

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History of NFL Essay Example for Free

History of NFL Essay Jim Thorpe who was a player and a coach for the football team Canton Bulldogs, together with Leo Lyons who owns a football team called Rochester Jeffersons, were the mastermind behind the National Football League (Schweizer and McGovern, 2001, p. 60). The two teams these two guys were a member of were brainstorming one day. It was when the Bulldogs triumphed over the Jeffersons in a match in 1917 when Lyons brought up the idea of forming a league to Thorpe. During this time, Major League Baseball was very popular (Schweizer and McGovern, 2001, p. 60). Thorpe entertained the idea and liked it very much, and decided to pursue the goal immediately. However, Spanish flu became rampant during that time. A lot of football players died in the Great War. There was chaos everywhere, and forming a league was almost impossible. In fact, because of the social unrest, operations had to be suspended (Schweizer and McGovern, 2001, p. 60). The operations of the Bulldogs had to be on a halt. It had to end real soon. Schedules of games were no longer followed because it was deemed necessary to reduce the schedules only to the local groups. It was in 1917 when Lyons came up with the idea of forming a league. It was in 1918 when all the disorder became more noticeable (Schweizer and McGovern, 2001, p. 61). After one year, Lyons could still not get over the unpursued plans, so he went back to New York to encourage teams in Buffalo to a championship match. The Buffalo Prospects were not to back out from this challenge. They gladly accepted the offer and played the game against the Jeffersons for the championship. In this round, the Jeffersons lost to the Buffalo Prospects (Yost, 2006, p. 52). The Bulldogs, by this time, already belonged to Ohio League, which was then an unofficial league. The teams who were part of this league included Ironton Tanks, Shelby Blues, Massillon Tigers and the Bulldogs. Ralph Hay, who was managing the Bulldogs, plus the other Ohio teams, were all convinced by Thorpe to play following the format of a league. Everyone agreed to do this, so a brainstorming session was expected. Everyone contributed to the success of the goals. It was done against Hammond Pros of Chicago, Michigan, and the Detroit Heralds (Yost, 2006, p. 52). During this time, other teams were also holding a game. There were games all over the United States – New York City, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois. However, while New York City and Pennsylvania had teams, they were not a contributor to the founding of the National Football League as the blue laws of the latter kept the teams from joining the NFL. It was not until 1924 when the teams were finally liberated from the laws (Yost, 2006, p. 52). The New League The formalization of the league did not come immediately. Football enthusiasts had to wait. Formalization only took place at a Hupmobile dealership help in August 1920 in Ohio. It was first known as the APFC, or the American Professional Football Conference. What this league was composed of were Ohio League teams. However, not all teams that were part of the Ohio League joined. In fact, a lot of them decided not to participate (National Football League, 2009). After a month, the American Professional Football Conference was changed to the American Professional Football Association. Since a lot of teams played from the neighboring areas, more teams joined the league. Soon other teams joined the league, and among the teams include Detroit, Hammond, and two from the New York league namely Rochester and Buffalo. Finally, there were eleven teams that founded the league (National Football League, 2009). All teams became subject to an agreement over the declared champion at the end of the season, and player poaching. At this time, Thorpe was still a member of the Bulldogs and remained a player for the said team. He was in fact the president of the team. Out of all the teams that founded the team, only four of them finished the schedule in the year 1920. The first champions went undefeated for years, and that team was the Akron Pros. Akon Pros was the first champion of the league (National Football League, 2009). More teams became interested in the league. Most of the teams that were added to the list came from the teams in New York. The total number of teams reached 22 in as early as 1921, although this is not to say that membership was already going smooth and stable in the whole decade of the 1920s (National Football League, 2009). In fact, the league was still not considered a national game no matter how many teams have been interested in it, and no matter how many people were actually willing to support the and enjoy the league. It frustrated many people. The league decided to change its name again. It finally became the NFL, or the National Football League, on June 24, 1922 (National Football League, 2009). The Birth of the â€Å"NFL† At this point in time, two charter members were existing. They were the Chicago Bears, which was formerly known as Decatur Staleys, and the Arizona Cardinals, which used to carry the name Chicago Cardinals. A team which was lightly a part of the National Football League history was there all along, but was not given much significance since it did not join league plays. It was the Green Bay Packers, which was popular for not having changed locations. It was only in 1921 when the said team started playing in the league (National Football League, 2009). The Indianapolis Colts had a rich history, which can be seen through its multiple predecessors. The team is regarded as a separate franchise. It was founded later, only in 1953, and was named the Baltimore Colts. Other teams started to bid their goodbyes, including Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland and Buffalo among other original NFL teams. However, this did not stop the National Football League to develop. There were many replacement franchises to make up for the absence of the teams that no longer existed. New franchises were established (National Football League, 2009). Post-World War College football catered to many fans. It was actually a very big game that millions of people looked forward to. However, after the Second World War, people started to get bored with college football as their attention was diverted to a more challenging game: the professional football game (National Football League, 2009). Because professional football rivaled the football game college students were playing, rules started to be modified. Newer innovations were being released from time to time. It was during this time, too, when the T-formation was started. Football then was no longer just a game for recreation. It became a game that demanded for higher scores (National Football League , 2009). After many years, the National Footbal League was joined by three teams in 1950. teams came from the All-America Football Conference which was no longer functioning at that time. It expanded to 13 clubs. Because of this fast expansion and rising popularity of the sport, professional football has etched its space in the world as a major sport.

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tragoed Oedipus as the Ideal Tragic Hero of Oedipus the King (Oedipus

Oedipus as the Ideal Tragic Hero of Oedipus the King In the introduction to Sophocles' Oedipus the King, Sophocles defines a tragic hero as one who "[behaves] admirably as a man, [but who] is nevertheless tripped up by forces beyond his control and understanding..." (Sophocles 76).   In Oedipus the King, Oedipus is the tragic hero. The force that "trips up" the hero is fate, or, moira. It is Oedipus's actions that set the events into motion,   but it is ultimately his fate, and his attempted aversion to it, that brings about his downfall. This downfall, and elements such as plot, character, diction and spectacle (Aristotle 175), that cause Oedipus the King to be a tragedy. In order to describe Oedipus as a tragic hero, one must begin by describing a tragedy. A tragedy must consist of a variety of elements in order to truly fulfill its purpose. According to Aristotle, the most important element is plot (175). Without the events that unify all aspects, the story would not be held together. It is the actions of the tragic hero that lead to his downfall, and that define his characteristics and set into motion all other aspects of the work. In Oedipus the King, it is Oedipus's attempt to avoid his destiny, an overt act of hubris, that leads to his rise in power and ultimate fall. In this aspect, he completely fulfills the job of a tragic hero. Another aspect of a tragedy is character. These are the qualities that are imbued in each character in the story. There have to be admirable traits in the characters, or the readers would not care what happened to them. Some of these characteristics can include honor, bravery, and intelligence, as with Oedipus. If readers did not care, there would be no catharsis... ...hat it was his father whom he killed. He was also acting out of love for his parents when he tried to avoid his fate by leaving town. Due to these circumstances, it can be seen that Oedipus's punishment far exceeded the crime; but this is just one more reason   why he is a tragic hero. Bibliography Bloom, Harold, ed. Sophocles. Philadelphia: Chelsea House Publishers, 2003. 54-57. The Complete Plays of Sophocles. "Introduction." Ed. Moses Hadas. New York: Bantam Books, 1967. p.vii-xvi The Complete Plays of Sophocles. "Introduction to Oedipus the King." Ed. Moses Hadas. New York: Bantam Books, 1967. p.75-76 The Complete Plays of Sophocles. "Introduction." Ed. Moses Hadas. New York: Bantam Books, 1967. p.77-114 Aristotle. "Poetics". Aristotle's Theory of Poetry and Fine Art. Ed. Butcher, S.H. New York. Dover Publications, Inc. 1951.

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Proposing a solution for global warming

INTRODUCTION.The occurrence of increased average temperature in the earth’s surface air and water bodies in the recent decades and its projected continuation constitutes global warming.  These increments in temperatures are due to higher amounts of green gas concentrations, which warm the surface and lower atmosphere thereby increasing the green house effects  On the other hand, natural phenomena such as volcanoes and solar variation have also impacted on global warming(1).Increased global temperatures results into other changes such as sea level rise, changes in precipitation patterns that result in floods, droughts and glacier retreat. These adverse effects of global warming have sparked off serious debate especially after Intergovernmental Panel on Climatic change (IPCC) projected climatic models that global surface temperatures are likely to increase to 6.40C (2.0 TO 110F) between 1990 and 2100.(2)The debate focuses on world scale regarding, what, if any, action should be taken to adapt to expected consequences or reduce future warming.  There is however a general agreement that affirmative action should be taken to avert further crisis.(3) To this effect, most governments have signed and ratified the Kyoto Protocol aimed at reducing the green gas emissions, which cause global warming.The major challenge to this process is that industrialized nations who are the major contributors of green house gases such as America are reluctant to make this worthy commitment(4).  The main aim of Kyoto protocol is to reduce â€Å"Anthropogenic Climatic Change†(Human induced changes).It is believed that implementation of the Kyoto protocol will plummet these climatic changes. However, thermal inertia of the earth’s ocean and slow responses of other indirect effects would still cause further warming but at drastically reduced levels that are not very harmful (at 0.90f) as indicated by climatic changes studies.(5) The scientific consensus indicat es levels of green house gases due to human activity.In 1824, Joseph Fourier discovered the green gas effect, and Svante Arrhenius investigated it quantitatively in 1896.Green house effect is the process by which absorption and emission by infrared radiation by atmospheric gases warms a planet’s atmosphere and its surface(6). The green house gases include natural ones such as water vapor, carbondioxide, methane, ozone and nitrous oxide. Atmospheric concentrations of carbon and methane have increased by 31% and 149% above pre-industrial revolution times since 1970.This occurrence has been attributed to fossil fuel burning and other anthropogenic causes such as deforestation.(7)Further, carbon dioxide levels are expected to increase due to ongoing fossil fuel burning processes around the globe. And land use change. This will depend on uncertain economic, technological and natural developments.(8)IPCC projected increase of methane from melting permafrost peat bogs in Siberia may lead to significant additional sources of green gas emissions.(9)  Thus, the effect of global warming including sea level rise, extreme weather events, stream flows, and change in rainfall patterns, increased deaths, displacements and increased economic losses projected due to extreme weather may even be exacerbated by increased population densities.(10) There is also expected reduction of ozone layer, intensity and frequency of hurricanes and worse, spread of diseases such as malaria and other epidemiological related ailments.A typical example is the current heavy rains experienced in Britain, which scientists have attributed to be, and effect of global warming.(11) The scientists, lead by Peter Stott at Hadley center, have used computer models in finding evidence to predict the course of global warming which all show heavy rainfall as it is documented in the local daily, The Independent. The effects of these rains have been disastrous with many Britons fleeing their homes.(12)B ritain is currently making headlines in the world media; only because of the destructive results its citizens are experiencing from the heavy rains. The new Prime Minister called a crisis meeting with the top leadership of his government in response to this crisis.(13)  The rains have left many Britons desperate and in dire need of humanitarian assistance. Droughts attributed to global warming currents witnessed in several parts of the world such as Sub-Saharan Africa has left their citizens in famine and utter penury,(14) malnourished only to depend on aid. Surely the world cannot continue like this, it is only prudent, affirmative action is taken to avert this situationTHE   Ã‚  SOLUTIONS.Just as it is called Global warming, it needs global solution, which calls for nothing other than global input. Participation of the whole globe is necessary without exclusion of any particular state or individual.  Efficiency in the use of energy (Use of renewable energy) is a major step t o reduce global warming to reduce dependenc4 on oil and other fossil fuels that cause global warming. Currently, over 70% of USA electricity comes from fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and oil in contrast to only 2% from renewable energy sources(15). We should therefore focus on sources such as wind, solar, georthermal and bioenergy to generate our electricity instead of fossil fuel sources that increase global warming emissions.It is indeed true that these measures need radical step. Fortunately, we have the solutions, and the energy to implement them(16). What we lack is the will. The steps we make will in most cases save consumer’s money. Radical measures include total overhaul of our practices, where instead of Deforestration, we should plant trees in bare lands. Deforestation accounts for 20% of global warming. We should therefore protect threatened forests(17).  Most scientists believe postponing these measures would require much more input once severe consequen ces occur than if we had implemented them today.Pollution of the atmosphere needs to stop forthwill, it will become an irreversible damage and we had better stopped the practice. Carboon dioxide remains in the atmosphere for about 100 years.(18) Pollution practice would require more duration to reverse its effects on global warming, we better prevent this. Waste damping particularly in water bodies such as rivers needs to be addressed to avoid decomposition and subsequent release of carbon dioxide that would increase the green house effect in the atmosphere.(19)We must also strive to reduce the production of Chlorofluorocarbons that are powerful green house gases and ozone depleters .(20) For such a radical course, legislation control from the central government in different democracies and even globally is apparent. However, individual citizens must institute in themselves the required environmental standards to make it their own initiative to act on this end. For instance it would be wiser to use a push mower to cut your lawn instead of a power mower(21). Or have a low water-use machine. It is also wise to reduce the water heater thermostat heating degree. Buying energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs for most used lights in the house is also important.A solar water heater system instead of electric or other fuel use is wiser move. In addition, an individual should drive a fuel-efficient car or a new hybrid gasoline electric vehicle. Insulating homes, installing energy efficient showerheads and even tuning up of the furnace are some of the basic steps individuals should implement to reduce global warming(22). Wise and committed person (not necessarily an environmentalist) should also contact his or her utility company for a home energy audit check for poor insulations or energy-inefficient places in the home.Other credible moves to reduce global warming by individuals include wrapping up the heater in an insulating jacket. Workers should also consider le aving their cars at home for some days and then walking to work or alternatively using public means of transport. Recycling of wastes newsprint, cardboard, glass and metals are also better alternatives to using non-renewable that emit green gases after use.(23) People should also consider buying food and other products with less packaging or reusable packaging instead of those in non-recyclable packaging.I believe most measures outlined above are but mere common sence, very achievable if we introduce discipline amongst ourselves.(24) Drastic reduction of global warming will have much more benefits that would outweigh possible risks involved in its implementation. We as humans must entitle ourselves to tackle the anthropogenic causes of global warming to treat the world we live in(25).The world’s leading scientific authority on global warming documents that the warming of the last 50 years has been due to anthropogenic (human caused) green house gases. The panel, after monitor ing current trend of human approach to the envoiroment, further says the rise could be by 50C this century.(26) This would represent twice the entire warming after the last ice age 12000 years ago and it would take place in 100 years. Shocking!More confirmation to human destructive trends on the atmosphere were detailed in the recent statement by the American Geophysical Union that there is no known geological precedent for the transfer of Carbon from the Earth crust to the atmospheric carbon dioxide. Inequalities comparable to the burning of fossil fuels, without simultaneous changes in other parts of the carbon cycle and climate system( 27).We must therefore strive to achieve our aim through all means including institutionalization of global warming reduction programs such as developing systems to clean our electric power plants, currently using coal to produce electricity. This should be converted into plants that burn cleaner natural gas.(27) In addition, harnessing clean, abund ant energy of the sun and wind is a viable measure to solving the global warming problem.  We have what it takes to make the globe a better place to live in.EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe havoc global warming has caused the earth is perhaps the greatest. From its effects such as floods, droughts we have seen, read and understood the implications of destroying our atmosphere.(28) Millions of lives have been lost through its related effects.  Implementation of the possible solutions outlined in this essay, provides the framework for improving our livelihood in the globe.  For this worthy course, every single individual or nation on the globe must play an active role through involvement in the pragmatic measures aimed at alleviating global warming from the world.This should be done today.REFERENCES 1,2,3 .Revkin, Andrew C, Rise in Gases Unmatched by a history in ancient ice, The New York times, 2005-11-054-9Tans, Peter, Trends in Atmospheric carbon dioxide, Mauna Loa.National oceanicand At mospheric Administration.10-14Hansen, James; et al (2006-09-26) Global temperature ChangePNAS 103 14288-1429315-23Purse, Betham V, Philips (Feb 2005) Climate change and the recent emergence of bluetongue in Europe (2) 171-18124-28Harte, John, et al, Shifts in Plant Dominance Control Carbon Cycle Response To Experimental Warming and widespread drought environmental research letters

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Healthcare management capstone by nikita brown Essay

Weekly tasks or assignments (Individual or Group Projects) will be due by Monday, and late submissions will be assigned a late penalty in accordance with the late penalty policy found in the syllabus. NOTE: All submission posting times are based on midnight Central Time. Administrators must continuously seek opportunities to increase the profitability of their practice or facility. Throughout this course, you will develop a plan to integrate a current and emerging trend in health care in your organization. Your Executive Summary to integrate a current or emerging solution into your organization will include the following: †¢Week 1: Topic Research/Selection and Literature Review †¢Week 2: Organizational Assessment †¢Week 3: Project Plan †¢Week 4: Implementation Plan †¢Week 5: Evaluation Plan Week 1: Topic Research/Selection and Literature Review Part 1: Topic Research and Selection Begin this process by researching what health care organizations are doing or attempting to do to increase profitability. Remember, profitability can be improved from many different angles. A nonexclusive list of potential ways would be adding additional services, decreasing costs, increasing the amount of services that are provided, or implementing a quality improvement program that qualifies for incentive monies. Check trade journals or professional discussion boards, or reach out to existing health care managers. Part 2: Literature Review Perform a literature review of the solution that you have decided to apply to your organization. The review will encompass several articles, and at least 1 of the articles must be peer-reviewed. Look at current material (within the last 2 years). Remember, a literature review includes a summary of the information that you found that is relevant to your topic as well as an APA reference for each resource that you reviewed. Identifying what topic to perform research on should be accomplished quickly because you will need sufficient time to perform your literature review. Review a minimum of 10 documents. The review should be between 10–15 pages, including the bibliography. Use APA format.

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How to Write a College Research Report

How to Write a College Research Report As a student in college, you will often be required to write a couple of research reports before completing your course. It is therefore important that you know how to write a good research report, so you can get good grades and graduate with impressive grades. The first step in writing a research report is to decide on the topic which you want to explore in the report. While lecturers always give a topic for the other kinds of academic papers, when assigning a college research report, most lecturers let the students decide for themselves the kind of topics on which they are comfortable enough to write. When selecting the topic, you should always make sure that the topic that you select is manageable, meaning that you can comfortably and fully explore the topic that you choose. Also, ensure that you find the topic interesting, as it can be very difficult to create interesting papers from a topic that you already regard as boring and dull. Once you have your topic, the next step to take is to brainstorm the selected topic. Brainstorming basically entails thinking of as many ideas that you can about an issue, before all these ideas can be narrowed to a single line of thought. Normally, students are supposed to use the theme that they have chosen for the report to brainstorm for more ideas. The brainstorming session should enable you come up with numerous ideas, all of which you may not be able to cover in the research report. The next step is to therefore, think of the idea that interests you the most and to use this as the main idea about which you will write in the research report. It is often said that two heads are better than one and this saying is best illustrated during brainstorming because, when you work in groups, it will be much easier to generate many ideas that you find interesting. The brainstorming session should result in narrowing down the topic to an idea, on which the writer can comfortably and compre hensively elaborate, in the research report. With the main idea already identified, the research process can now begin. Many lecturers insist that when writing academic papers assigned by them, library sources should be used, although others allow the student to use any peer review sources. The Internet, magazine articles, newspaper articles, periodicals and journals, are some of the sources commonly used to get the information used to write academic papers. In some cases students come across certain ideas that make them further narrow down the topic. While researching, it is important that students take note of every important information that they come across and after collecting the data, the student should sort the information according to the outline that they had already written, or which they can then write while organizing the information that they have collected. Writing the outline is a great way of organizing the academic paper, so it is easier to write for the student and very easy to understand on the part of the r eader. Once the outline is done, the student can then begin the writing process which many lecturers recommend should start with the first draft. After completion, the student can then revise and write the final draft. If you need a custom research report feel free to buy research paper at our service CustomWritings.com.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

How to Do a Sedimentation Test on Soil

How to Do a Sedimentation Test on Soil For studying sediments, or the sedimentary rocks made of them, geologists are very serious about their lab methods. But with a little care, you can get consistent, fairly accurate results at home for certain purposes. One very basic test is determining the mix of particle sizes in a sediment, whether thats soil, the sediment in a streambed, the grains of sandstone or a batch of material from a landscape supplier. Equipment All you really need is a quart-sized jar and a ruler with millimeters. First, make sure you can measure the height of the jars contents accurately. That might take a little ingenuity, like putting a piece of cardboard underneath the ruler so that the zero mark lines up with the floor inside the jar. (A pad of small sticky notes makes a perfect shim because you can peel off exactly enough sheets to make it precise.) Fill the jar mostly full of water and mix in a pinch of dishwasher detergent (not ordinary soap). Then youre ready to test sediment. Use no more than a half-cup of sediment for your test. Avoid sampling plant matter on the ground surface. Pull out any large pieces of plants, insects, and so on. Break up any clods with your fingers. Use a mortar and pestle, gently, if you have to. If there are only a few grains of gravel, dont worry about it. If theres a lot of gravel, remove it by straining the sediment through a coarse kitchen sieve. Ideally, you want a sieve that will pass anything smaller than 2 millimeters. Particle Sizes Sediment particles are classified as gravel if theyre larger than 2 millimeters, and if theyre between 1/16th and 2 mm, silt if theyre between 1/16th and 1/256th mm, and clay if theyre even smaller. (Heres the official grain size scale used by geologists.) This home test doesnt measure the sediment grains directly. Instead, it relies on Stokes Law, which accurately describes the speed at which particles of different sizes fall in the water. Big grains sink faster than small ones, and clay-size grains sink very slowly indeed. Testing Clean Sediments Clean sediment, like beach sand or desert soil or ballfield dirt, contains little or no organic matter. If you have this kind of material, testing is straightforward. Dump the sediment into the jar of water. The detergent in the water keeps the clay particles separate, in effect washing the dirt off the larger grains and making your measurements more accurate. Sand settles in less than a minute, silt in less than an hour and clay in a day. At that point, ​you can measure the thickness of each layer to estimate the proportions of the three fractions. Heres the most efficient way to do it. Shake the jar of water and sediment thoroughly- a full minute is plenty- set it down and leave it for 24 hours. Then measure the height of the sediment, which includes everything: sand, silt, and clay.Shake the jar again and set it down. After 40 seconds, measure the height of the sediment. This is the sand fraction.Leave the jar alone. After 30 minutes, measure the height of the sediment again. This is the sand-plus-silt fraction.With these three measurements, you have all the information needed to calculate the three fractions of your sediment. Testing Soils Soils differ from clean sediments in that they have organic matter (humus). Add a tablespoon or so of baking soda to the water. That helps this organic matter rise to the top, where you can scoop it out and measure it separately. (It usually amounts to a few percent of the total volume of the sample.) Whats left is clean sediment, which you can measure as described above. At the end, your measurements will let you calculate four fractions- organic matter, sand, silt, and clay. The three sediment size fractions will tell you what to call your soil, and the organic fraction is a sign of the soils fertility. Interpreting the Results There are several ways to interpret the percentages of sand, silt, and clay in a sediment sample. Probably the most useful for everyday life is characterizing a soil. Loam is generally the best kind of soil, consisting of an equal amount of sand and silt and a somewhat smaller amount of clay. The variations from that ideal loam are classified as sandy, silty or clayey loam. The numerical boundaries between those soil classes  and more  are shown on the USDA soil classification diagram. Geologists use other systems for their purposes, whether its surveying the mud on the seafloor or testing the ground of a construction site. Other professionals, like farm agents and groundskeepers, also use these systems. The two most commonly used in the literature are the Shepard classification and the Folk classification. Professionals use strict procedures and a range of equipment to measure sediment. Get a taste of the complexities in the U.S. Geological Survey:  Open-File Report 00-358.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Financial Analysis on Nokia from 2008 to 2009 Research Paper

Financial Analysis on Nokia from 2008 to 2009 - Research Paper Example The Working Capital ratios indicate how well the company is able to manage its working capital. "The asset management ratios are also known as working capital ratios or the efficiency ratios. The aim is to measure how effectively the firm is managing its assets." (Netcom, n.d.)The following are some of the working capital ratios which indicate the efficiency of the company in managing its working capital. Liquidity ratio is defined "as a class of financial metrics that are used to determine a company's ability to pay off its short-term debts obligations.Generally, the higher the value of the ratio, the larger is the margin of safety that the company possesses to cover short-term debts." (Investopedia, 2009) The above table indicates that the company has efficiently managed its working capital during the year ending September 2009 as compared to the year 2008. Nokia is maintaining a comfortable current ratio and the current ratio of 1.5 implies that the company has sufficient current assets situation which will enable the company to meet its current liabilities without any problem. However, the company has increased its long-term debts during the year 2009 with the result that there is an increase in this ratio. This implies that the company will incur additional interest costs on borrowed funds. The cash flow to debts situation has therefore moved to an adverse situation in 2009 as co mpared to the earlier year. In 2008 the cash flow position of the company was comfortable enough to settle the short-term and long-term debts in just 7 months. Whereas, with the increase in long-term debts and the cash flow from operations it would take approximately 3.8 years for the company to settle the debts. This is not a good position from the equity shareholders' point of view. However, the purpose for which the long-term funds were mobilized is to be ascertained for a proper justification for the increase in debts. The number of days sales outstanding is another working capital ratio that indicates the efficiency of the working capital management of the company. This ratio has changed from the previous year figure of 70 days to 83 days. This implies that the company has not been able to collect the outstanding accounts receivable as efficiently as it was doing in 2008. However, the increase in credit sales might be another reason for the change in this ratio. When the company has offered more liberal credit terms to its distributors and dealers in order to boost its sales, that situation might have resulted in increased debtors and the consequent increase in the number of days sales outstanding. A weaker sales environment is indicated by the increase in the number of days inventory expressed as a ratio to the cost of goods sold. There is an accumulation of inventory due to lower sales which is indicated by the change in this ratio. Â