Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Human resource management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 4

Human resource management - Essay Example d organizing an effective workforce that is able to make valuable contribution of promoting a sense of togetherness and collective responsibility that reflects in the increased output and improved performance outcome of the organizational goals and objectives. Understanding of organizational behaviour is essential ingredient of organizational communication which motivates people to better performance, leading to higher productivity. Effective communication facilitates better understanding of cross cultural values and cuts across the multi cultural layer of the organization and is the key to enhance the overall performance of the organization. Schwenk says that ‘employee’s absolute commitment to a shared vision of change is seen by many leaders/ change agents as so important for their organization’s continued survival’ (Schwenk, 1997, p4). It therefore implies that high morale of the workforce results in improved performance outcome of the organization. Maslow argues that ‘People’s behaviours are guided or motivated by a sequence of needs’ comprising of self actualization, status, acknowledgement, reward and retention (Schwalbe, 2007). Hence, managerial leadership that encourages and promotes proactive participation and collective decision making significantly inspires the workforce to improved performance outcome. Indeed, Quick et al. have also stressed ‘it is possible that psychological well-being and employee performance are related’ (Quick et al, 1997). In CCB International, the theoretical aspect of human resource management is well understood by the senior management and CEO but not taken up with sensitive approach. The concept of workforce as human capital is accepted by the Managing director but the Head of HR department feels that morale building and team spirit can be achieved through joint activities and are not vital part of organizational culture. He also argues that HR strategy is limited to meeting the HR requirements and may

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