Thursday, October 3, 2019

Online examination system Essay Example for Free

Online examination system Essay Symmetric key length, public-key key length, comparing symmetric and public-key key length, Key Management: (3 Lectures) Generating keys, transferring keys, verifying keys, using keys, updating keys, storing keys, compromised keys, lifetime of keys, destroying keys, public key management, Algorithm Types and Modes: (10 Lecture) Electronic codebook mode, block replay, cipher block chaining mode, stream ciphers, cipher-feedback mode, output feedback mode, choosing a cipher mode, block ciphers vs. tream ciphers, Choosing an Algorithm, Choosing an algorithm, public-key vs. symmetric cryptography, encrypting communication channels, encrypting data for storage, Security Models, Windows, Linux, Web, Cookies, Biometrics (gummy fingers), Tempest, Viruses, Firewalls, System/Comprehensive Security Analysis Text Book/s – Stallings, W and Brown, L. , Computer Security: principles and practice, 2nd edition, 2011 Reference Material – – William Stallings, Cryptography and Network Security, 4th Edition, 2005, ISBN-13: 978-0131873162 Kaufman, Perlman, Speciner, Network Security: Private Communication in a Public World, 2nd Edition, Prentice Hall, 2002, ISBN-13: 978-0130460196 – Other books will be used in the course if necessary. Department Of Computer Science Information Technology, HIC Jauharabad Campus Instructional Aids/Resources Assessment Criteria Class Assessment 35% Quizzes and Test 15 Assignment and Presentations 10 Attendance and Class Participations 5 Assignments + Quizzes Mid 25% If Required: Final 40% If Required: Total 100%.

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