Saturday, October 5, 2019

Proposal Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Research Proposal Example The research will study the impacts of mobile devices on cyber security in Banda town that is located in the United States. This town is expected to have numerous users because it is located in the US, which has a high population of about 312 million (Shabtai, Fledel, Kanonov, Elovici, Dolev, & Glezer, 2010). The study will concentrate on colleges and universities in the region, because these institutions have numerous students who use mobile devices both at school and at home. The school administrators also use mobile phones to communicate with teachers and other supporting staff. Gaoyue (2013), the senior colonel of Nautilius Institute for security and sustainability, argues that the common uses of the internet include purchasing items in online stores, downloading music, sharing information oN social media platforms such as Face book, Twitter, and LinkedIn, paying electricity and water bills, and accessing television networks. These uses indicate that consumers post their personal information such as name, income, location, and credit card number on the cyber space. This information is personal meaning that it should only be accessed by the owners and other authorized people. However, since mobile phones perform functions that are similar to those of computers, it means that the information of consumers faces the threat of lack of privacy due to cyber threats. The cyber threats include viruses, malicious software, hacking, exposure of secrets, and network fraud (Wright, Dawson, & Omar, 2012). These cyber threats have impacts on consumers and companies that use the mobile devices to share information and purchase goods. Therefore, it is essential to study the impacts of the threats that mobile device users face; this will help in advising companies and consumers on how they can protect themselves from the hazards. The results of the study will enable teachers and students to identify the

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